Thursday, October 4, 2007

Poke Her in the Eye!

I've spent the last few days helping fellow boardsies setting up their eyepoker dataminer. Not that I mind but it has greatly reduced the number of hands I played on those days so I've decided to write a guide to setting it up...

For those in the dark eyepoker is a datamining program for use with i-poker that allows you to collect stats on other players when your not at the table. It also allows you to scan all tables for fish after datamining

1) Firstly download eyepoker from and install it according to directions on screen

2) Click my computer and click c drive and set up a new folder called datamine

3) open pokertracker and in the auto import hand histories witht he timer click HH folder location and add folder and navigate your way to that new folder called datamine and click ok.. It should now be in the list.

4) In poker tracker click file and maintain database names and take note exactly of the name of your database.. the default one is c:\program files\poker tracker v2\ptrack.mdb but yours may be different

5) open eyepoker and click main and options and in the general tab click search and navigate your way to the file called datamine and add it in

6) on the datbases tab select pokertracker (access) from the dropdown menu and where it says database enter exactly what you saw earlier in poker tracker in step 4 above or navigate to this file. then click add database and it should appear at the bottom with a green tick in the box beside it.

7) In the display tab make sure all boxes are ticked except for join waitlist and click ok

8) On the main screen click filter on the bottom right and set this up to look for the kind opf player you want to play against. I just have mine as follows. tick vpip and set it to 40-100 and click stack between and set it to 50-400 and click save

9) open an i-poker client (PPP,GJP,NOIQ, etc etc)... you only need to do this once. Open a table and set it to mini view (not necessary but handy). make sure in the chat options that all boxes are ticked. Then close this table.

10) in eyepoker click on the filter tab at the top of the screen and set it to include the tables you play at... 6max/turbo etc etc

10) you are now ready to datamine.. In poker tracker click start timer as you normally do. I set this timer now to 1 minute as if you leave it too long it tried to import to many hands and slows down my computer. On eyepoker click Run Datamining. select 16 tables and select the default 2 mins.. ou should see the tables opening and it will start datamining.. after a wjile click on poker tracker and make sure it is importing hands.. if it is your there..

11) when your ready to play click stop datamining and click close tables from the datamining tab or manually close them. then click scan tables and wait a few mins. When the scan is finished you should see some players in the bottom section of the eyepoker screen that meet your filter critera... ie fish.. the ones at the bottom of the list have the highest VPIP... select the player and click join waiting list and your added to the waiting list for that player... Simple really...

If anyone is having problem by all means give me a shout on msn at or mail they afre very very efficient


peeko said...

thanks Paul!!

just got this set up, very nice addition.

PaddyMc said...

Cheers for this man, very handy tool

Mr.Plough said...

great stuff macs. Don't know how I was grinding without this. Should double my winrate/tilt ;)