Thursday, October 4, 2007

Even Even

A break even Player is a winning player... So they tell me... and "they" would know...

Uneventful dissappointing day of poker today.... Was 8 tabling today for about 7 hours in total and after a few hours was doing nicely to get up by about 4 buy in's so I took a break and back into it this evening.... Again managed to build stacks on every table and then the BOOM factor... get all in for 150bb's with JJ on a AJ7 board and he of course has AA. Get my KK AIPF against QQ and Q on flop. and then my usual AA is no good against 85% fish who calls my 3 bet preflop with 64s and flop is Q96 he calls a PSB and then the turn is another 6... helps me I think so i bet again and he calls and river is a 4... he checks leaving 50 behind.. i set him in and he turns over the house... lovely....

So even for the day in the end!! dissappointing considering where I came from earlier... anyway rant over!!!


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