Monday, January 21, 2008

Swings and roundabouts!!!

Before I get to the poker let me firstly thank all of you who have been sending best wishes to Jackie for a speedy recovery..... It is appreciated... The good news is that she will make a full recovery although slowly.... she is still in hospital but out of intensive care now.... once again thanks for your thoughts....

Now to poker... what a week it could have been.... If I could remove one day from the week.... On Friday I played a session in the afternoon and was +5 buy ins and playing well... later that evening after a visit to the hospital I got back on and one of my favourite fish listed buddies was on... an Irish guy that the regs know well..

I got a seat beside him and knew it was only a matter of waiting for a hand and he would pay.... but I noticed he was not in his normal calling mode but after he lost a hand he went tilting and started getting it in preflop loads of times... So I get KK and he makes a raise and i 3 bet him and he shoves...... His A3 gets there..... so he continues to do the same for the next few rounds and I find myself with QQ and get it in preflop against him and again his AQ beats me with a turned A... this continues with this one player hitting hand after hand against me...... all in preflop each time I had a big pair and he had a Ax and then I had AK and got it in against his Ax twice and no good again.... before I knew it I was 10 buy ins down against him..... and then preceeded to run QQ into his KK and QQ into his AA... kind of stuff nightmares are made of..... he was a 69/22 player and should be profitable but the variance is terrible against them when u dont run good.. On my other tables I was playing like a donk as this guy had me off my game and I should have stopped but it resulted in this day happening... from +5by ins to -5 buy in's in about 2 hours!! damn! and then I played bad for the rest of the day until I was finished with black friday and I had undone all the weeks good work...

Black Fridays Graph

So on Saturday I had a chat with myself and decided to move back up levels and play my own normal game and forget about chasing fish and I've managed to get the week back into profit again so here's this weeks results..
8147 Hands Played

Profit/Loss +$806

2.19bb/100 (Poker Tracker)

V$PIP 23%PFR 17%

Post Flop Aggro 1.87

Showdowns Won 47%

Rakeback $525

Total Profit $ 1331
this weeks graph...

Other news of the week was of course the shenanigans in the Loft club in Naas... details here but I have to say I'm glad it worked out the way it did in the end and I'm glad I had the guts to stand up to someone like this... Cash wise I did well on the night and the game was very soft and I cashed out for over 600 after buying in for 200 so was happy with that.

Also glad to see one the guys I coach do very well in England this week at the GUKPT where he final tabled and cashed two of the side events and had a good run in cash games.... Must have got luck again Paul??? lol the more you play the lukier you get... WP

On the weight front.... I lost another 5 lb this week which was a surprise as I hadn't been that strict with myself.

thats enough ramblings for this week. hopefully I'll a decent ammount of hands in this week and report again next week. GL all


rag2gar said...

Glad to hear Jackie has recovered paul, lets hope you both get back to normal asap. Incidently about your friend who you coach, how did he get involved in the GUKPT? It looks like a great tour of tournaments and would love to play some sats for them. Where would be the best place to find them online I wonder. Can you ask him for me?


Macspower said...

he qualified for the first one on PPP and then when he was there he won a ticket to the next one... and so on....he's been doing quite well..

here,s his hendon mob link... cant take any credit as I've been coaching himin cash and he's murdering tournies online as well

Macspower said...

dvdfan said...

Hye Mac, was last week mostly $200nl, just wondering what to expect from rakeback in comparison to $100nl, is it basically double or slightly less

Macspower said...

hey DVD...

I moved to 1/2 only on the saturday tnats right at the lowest point on the graph after the friday disaster...

I played a lot more hands this week than I did previous week hence more rakeback... I fing honestly very little difference in rakeback between 100nl and 200nl... you do get more of course but it's not double... I've been playing some limit games as well which helps greatly towards rakeback... I didn't have any limit hands last week but I will in next weeks report so I'll see what difference it makes (5/10 limit btw)